2013 Winner - Brian Tran

 Brian Tran playing a game

Brian Tran, a 10-year-old from Fredericksburg, VA, has autism that results in speech delay and difficulty integrating with his environment. Brian attends a school that specializes in teaching kids with severe autism where his mother Christine has witnessed the profound effect that technology can have on kids like her son. Currently, Brian primarily echoes words he hears others say and only speaks about 4 words on his own.

Eric Fund is pleased to award Brian an iPod Touch and communication apps that will advance his communication skills. With the use of iPod technology and the communication apps that go with it, Brian can learn how to initiate communication about his needs and function more independently. The Therapeutic Listening Equipment that will accompany Brian’s iPod has been highly successful helping people with severe autism process sensory information, listen, focus, and communicate. Brian’s parents are confident that his new equipment will help their son achieve his goals like many other kids at his school.