2008 Winner - Dezmond Horton

 Winner Dezmond Horton

When five-year-old Dezmond Horton was recently observed using a Springboard Light Augmentative Communication Device, the evaluator was struck by the “pleasure that [he] 
displayed while using the device.”  

Thanks to The Eric Fund, Dezmond, an awardee from Washington, DC, will get to experience  that pleasure all the time when he receives his device and begins using it to communicate his needs independently in the classroom and as he goes about his daily routine. Dezmond has autism and his limited communication skills prevent him from fully participating in classroom activities with his peers at school. The Springboard Light Augmentative Communication Device will not only expand his ability to develop language and communication skills, but also enable him to make progress with his social development outside his immediate family and friends. 

Dezmond’s mother, Ozette, was both moved emotionally and extremely appreciative when she found out that Dezmond was an Eric Fund grant winner. A single parent who struggles to make ends meet each month, Ozette says it is hard enough to pay the bills let alone find the time or 
resources to explore funding options for assistive technology. “I am trying to do all that I can to make sure that my son can function in our society,” Ozette said, “I am just not able to afford this wonderful device on my own at this time.” 

The Eric Fund is thrilled to be able to provide the equipment for Dezmond so he can be on his way to leading a fuller life. The equipment will make a huge difference for Dezmond at an 
early age when he can maximize its impact and effectiveness.  
Dezmond Horton