2012 Winner - Enrique Oviedo

 Photo of winner Enrique Oviedo.

Enrique Oviedo is a 12 year old from Bristow, VA who has Down syndrome. Enrique has intellectual disabilities and a very limited vocabulary. Enrique has had trouble responding to the available com- munication devices available at his school and has been mostly sedentary at home and shown little interest in academic activity. With the help of a therapist, Enrique has been introduced and learned to use an iPad. This experience has sparked his academic interest and improved his cognitive skills. His mom, Patricia said with the available Apple communication applications, Enrique is now more excited about trying to com- municate and has seen improvement in his learning and behavioral skills. Patricia and Enrique’s therapist are confident that the iPad provided by The Eric Fund will allow Enrique to improve his cognitive abilities that will result in improved academic and behavioral experiences.