Maggie Piet

Maggie Piet.jpeg

Maggie Piet is a 22-year-old woman that sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, resulting from a t-bone motor vehicle collision when she was 15 years old. 

Maggie has three brothers and lives with her parents.  Her mother Gail serves as her primary care provider and her father is retired and has extensive breathing issues. Maggie uses a speech device called an ECO to communicate. 

The Eric Fund, together with The Leap Grant thru Abilities Network, collaborated to provide the needed funding for a much-needed upgrade to her ECO device. The upgrade provides Maggie a bigger lighted screen, increased battery power, faster processing time and the ability to integrate with the technology at the local community college. The upgraded ECO gives many options for Maggie to select and respond faster, which allows for more natural exchange in conversation. 

Maggie is currently in a state-funded adult program that will help her earn a GED. She attends classes three days a week and is doing well. Once Maggie has a GED she plans to continue her education at the local community college and obtain a degree. 

On other days of the week, Maggie is involved in extensive physical therapy as she works on gaining control of her body and hopes one day to be able to walk with minimal assistance.

2010Nate Nashawardee