Malik Studivant

Malik Studivant.png

When 7-year-old Malik Studivant began using a Spring-board voice output device last school year, his expressive language skills greatly improved, according to his teachers. Now, The Eric Fund is happy to help Malik continue to grow and express himself with a Springboard device of his own that he can use at home as well as at school. 

Malik, who has autism, is being raised by his grandmother in Washington, DC. She said while she knows the equipment would make the world of difference for her grandson, the expensive price tag was beyond her budget.  

In the year that  Malik has been using the Springboard at school, his spontaneous verbal language has increased, and he has even been observed repeating speech output from his device. The Springboard will provide Malik with greater opportunity for functional communication and greater interaction with his teachers and peers.  He will also be able to make his wants and needs known, indicate his physical and emotional state and engage in social interactions with his peers and caregivers.  

In addition to working with his voice device, Malik enjoys music, puzzles, blocks and the computer.   He also enjoys gross motor activities, with examples of his favorites being the swings and slide on the playground, as well as interactive books, board games and cause and effect computer games. The Eric Fund wishes Malik every success with his new equipment.

2009Nate Nashawardee