Benjamin Glantz

Benjamin Glantz.jpeg

Benjamin Glantz is a happy and enthusiastic 14-year-old boy who loves school, and particularly likes reading and using the computer. Due to severe hypotonia and motor planning dysfunction, Benjamin relies on assistive technology for most of his communication, and without an augmentative communication device he has minimal ability to express his needs. 

Ben’s need for a communication device has never been greater. The outdated device loaned to him by the public school he attends was not replaced when it recently stopped working and Ben suddenly found himself unable to communicate, interact socially or participate fully in the classroom. 

The Eric Fund is very thrilled to be able to assist Ben and his family in securing a new Prentke Romich Vantage Plus augmentative communication device which will ensure his ability to thrive and maximize his potential not only in the classroom, but also at home and at play.

2006Nate Nashawardee