Chaya Brown

Chaya is a 23-year old Washington, DC woman with cerebral palsy that affects her ability to swallow and communicate verbally. The Eric Fund purchased an iPad Pro with a case and large switch to help Chaya communicate more effectively so she no longer has to rely on facial expressions alone to share her thoughts. Chaya, who is a wheelchair user, can use the switch to operate the iPad from her wheelchair and communicate with her family, friends, caregivers, and the community. Chaya’s mother and therapists tried to help Chaya secure funding for the device several times before, but insurance and other funding streams deemed the iPad, and in turn Chaya’s ability to communicate, not “medically necessary” and she was denied the device until The Eric Fund was able to provide it. Now Chaya plans to use the iPad to communicate with her family and friends and share her thoughts and ideas.

2016Nate Nashawardee