Steven Moshuris

Steven Moshuris.jpeg

Steven Moshuris is a 10-year-old, energetic kid who lives with his family, including two siblings, in Alexandria, Virginia. He has autism and has challenges expressing himself verbally. After Steven broke the screen on the iPad his school provided, he was no longer allowed to bring it home. According to his dad, Demetrious, Steven’s communication suffered, and because his lack of communication frustrates him, he’s had a tough time with other behaviors.

The iPad2® and Proloquo2go software provided by The Eric Fund will enable Steven to communicate at a much higher level with his family. His dad told us, “The first and second order effects of that cannot be overstated. His difficult behaviors will be tempered; he will be able to articulate his wants and needs to everyone he encounters, and he will be able to communicate with his brother and sister. Steven’s quality of life is going to increase. We know from experience that breaking the communication hurdle is crucial to Steven’s development.”

2014Nate Nashawardee