Trayonne Robertson

Trayonne Robertson, a 21-year-old student at St. Coletta Special Education Public Charter School is from Bowie, MD. Trayonne has multiple disabilities due to cerebral palsy and intellectual disability and he works daily to achieve his goals. Trayonne enthusiastically engages with staff and his peers when in school and his favorite activity is music and singing.

Because of his challenge speaking verbally on his own, Trayonne uses a communication device. He has become an advocate for himself, asking for adaptive equipment to help him communicate better, use the computer in his classroom, and access his work. Trayonne enjoys working and, even in his spare time, he often searches for job opportunities using the adaptive equipment he’s requesting of The Eric Fund. We’re happy to be able to provide Trayonne with an iPad he can use as a communication device and for help with functional daily living tasks like visual scheduling and sequencing, grocery shopping, and online job searches.

2013Nate Nash