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Kujan Grimes
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Kujuan Grimes is a senior student at St. Coletta Special Education Public Charter School. He is 21-years-old and will be graduating from the school’s vocation-based program next year. The Eric Fund is providing him with an iPod Touch that has a speaking feature to assist him with communicating to his peers, teachers and potential new employers after graduation.

2013Nate Nashawardee
Brian Tran
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Brian Tran, a 10-year-old from Fredericksburg, VA, has autism that results in speech delay and difficulty integrating with his environment. Brian attends a school that specializes in teaching kids with severe autism where his mother Christine has witnessed the profound effect that technology can have on kids like her son. Currently, Brian primarily echoes words he hears others say and only speaks about 4 words on his own.

2013Nate Nashawardee
Trayonne Robertson

Trayonne Robertson, a 21-year-old student at St. Coletta Special Education Public Charter School is from Bowie, MD. Trayonne has multiple disabilities due to cerebral palsy and intellectual disability and he works daily to achieve his goals. Trayonne enthusiastically engages with staff and his peers when in school and his favorite activity is music and singing.

Because of his challenge speaking verbally on his own, Trayonne uses a communication device. He has become an advocate for himself, asking for adaptive equipment to help him communicate better, use the computer in his classroom, and access his work. Trayonne enjoys working and, even in his spare time, he often searches for job opportunities using the adaptive equipment he’s requesting of The Eric Fund. We’re happy to be able to provide Trayonne with an iPad he can use as a communication device and for help with functional daily living tasks like visual scheduling and sequencing, grocery shopping, and online job searches.

2013Nate Nash
Patrick White
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Patrick White is a 49-year-old man from Washington, DC, who suffered a sudden and severe stroke in February 2013. His mother, Martha says that Patrick “was a lively and vibrant young man, friendly and always helping others” prior to the stroke which has substantially impaired his ability to perform or participate in daily activities.

When Patrick is able to leave the rehabilitation facility, he will not have access to the equipment and technology that will allow him to move about his home, enjoy the outdoors and communicate with family and friends. The Eric Fund will provide Patrick with a motorized wheelchair and a voice activated phone that will allow him a life of greater independence and quality of life.

2013Nate Nashawardee