David Lubokowski

Thanks to The Eric Fund, David Lubkowski, 52, a former systems engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can get back to sharing his years of experience with his colleagues.

In 2001, David sustained a brain injury due to cardiac arrest, which greatly affected his motor skills.

Before his brain injury, David was a main designer of the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) – a combination of hardware and software that acts as a set of electronic eyes for a pilot to help track nearby aircraft and their speed to avoid mid-air collisions. Since the airlines began equipping their planes with TCAS in 1990, no mid-air collisions have occurred.

While the injury greatly limited David’s physical abilities, his cognitive abilities were not affected. The Eric Fund is purchasing David an IntelliKeys keyboard, a programmable keyboard which enables users to easily type, navigate on-screen displays and execute menu commands.   
The hope is that by using this keyboard, David will again be able to communicate with his colleagues and share his knowledge and expertise of the TCAS program and restore his ability to feel he is contributing something to society, his family and himself. 

The Eric Fund is proud to help a man who has helped so many and developed technology that saves lives everyday.  David, his wife, Suzanne, 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter live in Northern Virginia.  Together, they enjoy movies, play checkers and watch one of David’s favorite shows, Star Trek. 

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