Tyla Briana Julius-Kumbah

Tyla Briana Julius-Kumbah.png

Tyla Briana Julius-Kumbah is a five year-old-girl with cerebral palsy who is blessed with a mother who is a tenacious advocate for her special needs.  She was very grateful to find out about the Eric Fund from a family friend!

Tyla’s mom describes her as a happy child who enjoys music with a particular fondness for Alicia Keyes.  In fact, Tyla insists on playing the CD that she owns so often her mother wishes she would expand her repertoire!

The wheelchair that Tyla uses at school cannot be used in their home, and the seating system that her family uses to transport her up and down stairs and to the bus everyday is becoming increasingly cumbersome to lift as Tyla grows. 

Her mother was thrilled to learn that the Eric Fund is able to purchase a Convaid Tilting STroller System for Tyla. This system will provide a basic, but extermely important need for their family: the ability to easily get Tyla in and out of their home ... the first step toward a more active life with her friends and family in the community!

2006Nate Nashawardee