Heidi Geiger

Heidi Gieger.jpeg

Heidi is a two-year-old girl who was born with a host of disabilities that include low muscle tone, visual and hearing disabilities, seizures and dysphasia. When she was younger, she was dependent on oxygen 24-hours-day. Heidi’s needs have put an emotional and financial strain on the family. Her mother was forced to quit working and stay home to take care of Heidi, so they now must rely on a single-income to cover all the additional costs that accompany taking care of a special needs child.

Heidi’s parents very much hope that she will eventually be able to attend school like her older brother. In order to help her along that path, early intervention is imperative to both her physical and cognitive development. They applied for an Eric Fund grant primarily to secure assistive technology toys and tools that will help Heidi develop the necessary skills to enter the DC Public School System at some point in the future. Additionally, playing with adaptive toys and devices enhances Heidi’s ability to interact and “play” with her brother, which improves the quality of both of their lives.

In order to maximize her potential as she grows, Heidi will require more and more consistent access to age-appropriate assistive technology. The Eric Fund is happy to get her started down that path by providing the Geiger family with a variety of adaptive toys, switches and a “sensory wall” that will benefit Heidi at this vital early stage of her development. 

2016Nate Nashawardee