Joshua Greher

Joshua Greher.jpeg

Joshua is a 36-year-old man who works as a mail clerk near his home in Silver Spring, MD. He has Down Syndrome and vision impairment, which makes it difficult for him to read the fine print on mail, a recurring challenge of his job sorting mail. The Eric Fund awarded Joshua a device called a Smart flux Digital CCTV Hand Magnifier that magnifies text and makes it easier for Josh to see and read. Improved vision will lead to improved comprehension, which will result in Josh being able to perform more efficiently and independently at work.

Being able to see and read better will not only help Joshua with his on-the-job skills, but also with community integration, performing the duties required of him at home, and allow him to be more social outside his home. Joshua has been using the hand magnifier at home to read and to make healthier food choices, as he can now read food labels, recipes and preparation instructions.

The device was purchased from a store not far from where Josh works. His father said that they often stopped in to “test-drive” the device while walking to or from Josh’s job but were unable to afford it. They are very grateful to The Eric Fund for awarding Josh this technology that will allow him to perform better at work and live more independently.

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