Max Smith-Levin

Max Smith-Levin.jpeg

Max is an 11-year old boy from Warrenton, VA. He is completely blind and is very impacted by autism.

Max attends a public school where he receives both regular and dedicated classroom instruction. He has been learning Braille and making great strides. The Eric Fund provided Max with a Refreshabraille 18 and an iPad to enhance his learning. In November, his father took a class on how to use the Refreshabraille, so he can help Max use it at home in addition to school. 

Max is a talented musician and has played piano in the school talent show. Recently, Max was invited to join the 5th grade chorus. One of Max’s biggest challenges is that he has a hard time adjusting when something he enjoys ends. His mom hopes he will learn to manage this anxiety through participation in chorus.

Max also loves books, and two of his favorites are Whistle for Willie and Tacky the Penguin. In time, Max will be able to use his new technology devices to download and read independently

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